Damp Repair

Damp Repair

Why do the pro’s make painting a house and damp repair look so effortless, quick and best of all they do this without leaving a mess. You too can do that by adopting these simple easy steps.

Follow this mini guide to painting like a pro and soon you’ll be painting like the professionals yourself.

Before painting you need to ensure that the walls you are painting, has a damp treatment. After ensuring this then simply follow this mini guide to paiting:

  • The first step is CHOICE. Once you have made your choice of paint and identified the room that you are going to paint you can move on to the next step.
  • The second step is GEAR UP. Cover your hair and face; make sure you are dressed appropriately for the job. This by no means a fashion show.
  • Step 3 comes with the assumption that you have bought every single item and tool that you need, such as old newspapers, liquid thinners, brushes and rollers, sand paper, primers, DPC fillers. With this in mind you may get down and dirty like a pro.
  • SET UP. Set up the newspapers on the floors to avoid spilling on carpets and tiles, make sure the surface that is about to be painted is clean, evened out by sand paper and that the cracks and holes have been filled with plaster of paris.
  • PRIMER. Start with a primer. A primer is a base paint which is usually neutral or white. Primer helps the paint to hold and settle into the wall without looking ‘cackey’.
  • LAYER. With the paint mixed and the primer dried, you may start painting. Take it layer by layer by layer.
  • THE WAIT. Wait for the first coat to dry before going for the next layer in order to achieve the colour and tone you want.
  • VENTILATION. Make sure the painted room receives enough ventilation in order to speed up drying.
  • WASH. Wash all paint brushes is a solution of liquid thinners and use it also to remove drops of paints and stains.
  • ONION TRICK. Put a few onion rings in the painted room. It’s an old remedy that works in drowning out the smell of paint.

That is a job well done and the pro’s will think one of them did the job. For more information on damp repair click here.